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Manual mail configuration, information for system administrators

The following are the recommended settings how you should configure your mail software for best performance with VirtualTec mail servers.

Incoming mail server
Server address
Protocol IMAP (or POP3)     Port 993 (995)
Encryption SSL  
Outgoing mail server
Server address
Protocol SMTP Port 587
Encryption TLS/STARTTLS  
Server URL

Some ISP's use an "all-in-one" approach for mail servers. These servers handle inbound mail, outbound mail, and webmail all in one. In this case, you'd use the same server name for in- and outbound mail. Cybernet used this approach until 2005. To enable customers to continue to use their old configurations (the server was usually set to "", with "" being the customer domain), a mapping infrastructure was developped to send in- and outbound connections, that arrived on the legacy mail server addresses, to the correct dedicated servers.

VirtualTec recognizes that many former Cybernet customers still use their original configurations, and therefor also offers such a setup. We encourage customers to adapt to the new style configuration though, since it offers more flexibility and enhances mail resilience, performance and stability. If you still want to continue to use a single-server approach, use

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